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Hi! I'm Melissa, the one woman show that is Rolling Stone Trading Co.

I live and work outside of Austin, TX, in the Hill Country, with my partner and our ever growing dog pack. A born, raised and admitted 'city girl', we moved out here in 2020 on a whim and have yet to look back. 


Rolling Stone Trading Co was born from a profound love of the small batch and slow craft. A lifelong artist, I have always been drawn to that which is forged slowly, intentionally, and soulfully, by human hands. 


My own work for Rolling Stone Trading Co is deeply influenced by our natural world, from hand selecting unique stones that came straight from our earth to innately placing them in formations inspired by the earth around me. Every piece I make is crafted from start to finish by my two hands and imbued with so much of my soul. My hope is that what I create is not unlike yourself  - undeniably bold, entirely unique, organic by design and most of all, wholly timeless. 

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