When your partner rolls over one morning, during the middle of a global pandemic, and suggests you move to a city you've never been to, I can think of no more appropriate response than "why not?". By the end of that day we had made an offer on a house we had never been to, moving boxes were being delivered by the end of the week .

We named our new home 'Rolling Stone Ranch' to embody the spirit we are not ready to give up regardless of the roots we plant. Wherever we lay our hats, that is home.

My studio was born of my need to return to my more natural state, one of creation. For me, learning to metalsmith can only be described as a flow state - full immersion, energized focus, complete absorption. I knew immediately this work was something I wanted to share.

Every piece I make is handcrafted from start to finish, created with the greatest intention and respect for the slow. Today, my inspiration is majorly internal - these are pieces that have lived in my soul patiently waiting for my hands to catch up. My hope is that when you wear one my pieces you find it easier to connect with your own power, your own audacity, your own wild.

puff oblong.png