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The Chrysalis Earrings

A bit of a 'group project'. These wings, used in life as camouflage, are collected in death for their bright colors and patterns and preserved in fine silver by women in Peru. These stones, formed millions of years ago from ancient water deposits have been pulled from the earth to be cut and polished by lapidary artists across the American southwest. And I, using flame and my two hands, have brought the two together for life to be worn and cherished by you!


Materials • Fine + Sterling Silver, Kingman Turquoise, Indonesian Opal, Mexican Opal, Natural (Unharmed) Butterfly Wings


Size • Earrings hang 3.25" long and weigh 13g each


Packaging • All pieces come packaged ready for gift giving in a branded pouch and/or box


Shipping • This piece is ready to ship and available immediately


Note to Buyers  • All pieces are crafted by my two hands. It is the nature of handmade that there is the possibility of slight imperfections. It is my belief that these are what make handcrafted items so beautiful. 

Thank You ♡

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